What is Agile Testing? Process & Life Cycle

In this phase of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) the QA team is now prepared to engage in some practical testing operations as they have the test cases, test data, and the appropriate testing environment. The testing team executes the test cases in this phase based on the test cases and test planning prepared in the preceding phases, namely the test planning and test case development phases. With the information gathered in the requirement analysis in the previous phase, the QA team moves a step ahead in the direction of planning the testing process. The most crucial phase of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is test planning or test strategy.

what is test cycle

MuukTest can help create, execute, and manage your testing activities without the hassle of manual interaction. It allows the QA teams to structure and manage the testing process and create execution reports, no matter their test automation experience. Implementing test automation and maximizing test coverage can speed up and improve a software testing process. If you want to run the testing effectively, you can use a software testing tool like MuukTest, a codeless test automation platform with 20x faster testing.

Agile Test Plan

We have also ensured that cycle testing doesn’t take away from vital lesson time by scheduling it as a separate timetabled lesson each week. That’s why, as part of an Inspired-wide strategy, we introduced cycle testing at King’s InterHigh in September 2022. In the test execution phase, the testers execute the tests as planned in a correctly configured test environment.

  • The activities include in this phase are training of end users, support people and operational people.
  • The design phase in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) refers to the stage where the system’s architecture and specifications are planned and documented.
  • If you want to run the testing effectively, you can use a software testing tool like MuukTest, a codeless test automation platform with 20x faster testing.
  • The test team is required to do a readiness check (smoke testing) of the given environment.
  • It is here that you add test runs and specify the version of the test case that will be executed.

Through the process of frequent exam practice, students become well-versed in the exam process and are therefore more aware of and comfortable with what to expect on exam day. MuukTest’s AI-Powered Test Automation Platform makes it effortless for growing engineering teams to ensure software quality at the speed of Agile and DevOps. By bringing our QA platform and experts together—we make QA testing quick, continuous and hassle-free for our customers. Improve your understanding of test coverage measurement with our detailed guide, which includes real-world examples and a practical template.

What is Entry and Exit Criteria in STLC?

The Test Case Development Phase involves the creation, verification and rework of test cases & test scripts after the test plan is ready. Initially, the Test data is identified then created and reviewed and then reworked based on the preconditions. Then the QA team starts the development process of test cases for individual units. Customers have the ability to make adjustments to the project to improve it and eliminate defects. In other words, any errors discovered during testing can be rectified or amended on the spot without interrupting the testing process. In software testing, there are various methodologies to carry out the software testing processes.

It’s critical to make efficient use of time and resources to make the testing process go more smoothly. Following a systematic STLC allows you to fix bugs quickly and improves your work’s quality. The software is tested, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing, to ensure that it meets the customer’s needs and expectations and that it is defect-free. The intended work from the System Design phase is implemented in the Implementation phase. The testing step follows, with each module’s functionality being validated against the criteria.

what is test cycle

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Agile Testing methodology is not sequential (in the sense it’s executed only after coding phase) but continuous. During test planning, you can use the various objects above to plan out and group tests that need to run. For example, you may have a suite of tests for new features being developed, another suite for UAT testing, or another for storing all your automation testing. Here, we will discuss an entire testing life cycle process with each phase in detail. Test Cycle Closure phase is completion of test execution which involves several activities like test completion reporting, collection of test completion matrices and test results. Testing team members meet, discuss and analyze testing artifacts to identify strategies that have to be implemented in future, taking lessons from current test cycle.

what is test cycle

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what is test cycle

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what is test cycle

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Automation feasibility for the testing project is also done in this stage. In an Ideal world, you will not enter the next stage until the exit criteria https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ for the previous stage is met. So for this tutorial, we will focus on activities and deliverables for the different stages in STLC life cycle.

This phase also includes module design, which ensures that all modules are compatible with one another. The next phase is the Deployment phase, followed by the Maintenance phase, which is an ongoing process. During this phase, the developers address any issues arising from the software’s use over time.

The test cycles detect errors, glitches, and other software defects so the developers can fix them before release. It also detects any software vulnerabilities which might make the product prone to threats. Much research has been conducted to identify the causes of software failures. One of the leading causes of these failures is poor quality assurance during the development process.


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