Earn on The Go With Triffic

The official launch of the GPS token means users can start earning cryptocurrency simply by following their daily routine – walking the dog, shopping, cycling or going a run. The milestone follows a hard fork of Jelurida’s Ardor blockchain implemented on September 22. As well as functioning as a unit of reward, GPS tokens power Triffic’s in-app loyalty ecosystem, enabling businesses to attract real footfall to their physical locations. It will also be possible for Triffic users to supply jobs and services to others in their local vicinity and accept payment in the form of GPS tokens.

  1. Users, on the other hand, get a new way to spend the rewards they earn from Triffic, and can make small purchases with their GPS tokens.
  2. Rewards are split into BIXIUM SHARDS, and the more you find, the more you can do!
  3. A child chain is essentially a distinct blockchain that shares its parent’s same architecture and permits the movement of properties from one to another.
  4. Redeemed GPS tokens can be exchanged for various products, or sold on exchanges.
  5. As Blockchain and AR technologies continue to be developed, it will accelerate the revolution of the game industry and stimulate the user with a more exciting experience.
  6. Each customer gets a custom referral link that they can advertise to friends and family and receives Triffic Miles when they register.

Receive the latest news about our cryptocurrency education courses, events, and guides. Apart from its signature offerings, Triffic also has an affiliate program, which allows Triffic users to boost their income. Each customer gets a custom referral link that they can advertise to friends and family and receives Triffic Miles when they register. No part of the content we provide constitutes financial advice on coin prices, legal advice, or any other form of advice meant for you to rely on for any purpose. Any use or reliance on our content is solely at your own risk and discretion.

Triffic is currently accepting alpha testers who can begin earning GPS tokens now and experiment with the augmented reality features it offers. Simply put, users can actively earn tokens while taking part in exciting scavenger hunts, or passively while running errands, on daily work commutes, fun travels, and more. Triffic’s motto is “Turning miles into money” and we look forward to seeing if they can do just that. AR works to bring real-world experiences with virtual information to users.

Triffic is a gamified navigation app that runs on the Ardor blockchain. It lets users earn loyalty points called ‘GPS Tokens’ by performing actions such as travelling to a location, redeeming vouchers, selling items or booking a hotel or taxi. They intend to use 50% of our monthly advertising profits to purchase GPS Tokens off the open market. In turn, 85% of these tokens will be distributed to all GPS Token holders who have a wallet balance of 1000 GPS Tokens or more. The other 15% will be burnt, and thus removed from general circulation. Triffic, the Singapore-based Augmented Reality app that dispenses rewards in the form of GPS tokens, has entered a live environment for the first time.

Triffic is a new mobile application taking advantage of augmented reality, GPS, and blockchain technology. With these industries on the rise, it has been gaining lots of attention. Triffic gamifies your life by letting you earn on the move. A slew of new features have also coincided with the hard fork, including the ability to send zero-fee child chain transactions and to set up account control with zero max fees. Jelurida, whose products include Ardor, Nxt and Ignis, the latter a child chain like GPS, has been busy of late. With Docker, users can manage their infrastructure in the same way they manage applications.

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The rating results published on Cointelligence are based on an independent rating system developed by the Cointelligence team. They do not reflect any official governmental approval or regulatory compliance. Though initial entrants clearly profits, halving also means that Triffic and the GPS Token network will extend their user base seamlessly. The proof of effort algorithm of Triffic would decrease the amount of Triffic Miles earned by 50% once each month. This indicates that 75 Triffic miles will be distributed through a Reward Beacon which had previously released 150 Triffic miles. The app will entertain you, connect you with friends, motivate you to work out through moving and explore new places.

Ardor Hard Fork Sees Lift-Off as Triffic Goes Live

Triffic’s concept is based on a fair algorithm called Proof of Effort and as its name suggests, given rewards will be calculated on the amount of effort one user put into the app. Triffic price is $0, down 0.00% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is -. It has circulating supply volume of https://cryptolisting.org/s and a max. This means you can begin exploring areas and catching beacons, no matter where you live. It is clear that their focus is on product development and user experience, looking for constructive and honest feedback.

Triffic’s synergy with the multi-chain platform is thanks to a partnership between the app’s parent company Coinerz Group Pte Ltd and Jelurida, the development company behind Ardor. Coinerz Group, the company behind the blockchain-powered augmented reality app Triffic, have launched the beta of their GPS Pay product. GPS Pay is described as the sister app of Triffic, as it allows users to spend the rewards that they earn through the Triffic app. To visualize the Triffic experience, think of Pokemon GO, but instead of running around to catch Pokemon, which serves no real purpose, users will see beacons appear around them. If a user manages to snatch a beacon, they will then be rewarded with GPS tokens, the app’s native currency. With the GPS Pay app, local business can reach out to customers without employing traditional marketing strategies.

How much is a one Triffic worth now?

Players will be able to meet them in their local area and get surprised with the mystery rewards inside each beacon. It could be treasure chests, exciting gifts from your local businesses, or a special power with a higher chance of growing your incentives later on. When participating in Triffic app, the rewards are based on individual efforts, whether you like workout or prefer to stick to your day-to-day routines. For each of your movements, you will receive Triffic Miles and can convert them to GPS tokens to enable the use of local services. Every single time you move to different locations, you surely get rewarded but it’s not the only interesting part.

For example, for the same distance of three kilometers, one player that runs will receive a higher reward compared to another one who has driven with Triffic. With AR being as popular as it is, the potential for Triffic to become a worldwide trend is high. Users can immediately triffic coin use their smartphone, or another compatible device, device to join the app without having to use other tools. Integration of virtual information into the real world is not something new in the gaming industry. Pokemon Go is a successful example of Augmented Reality.

Prior to integrating the GPS child chain to the main network, Triffic’s GPS token needs to be unlocked through hard forking the Ardor blockchain. The Coin Bureau Editorial Team are your dedicated guides through the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. With a passion for educating the masses on blockchain technology and a commitment to unbiased, shill-free content, we unravel the complexities of the industry through in-depth research. Rewards are split into BIXIUM SHARDS, and the more you find, the more you can do!

Triffic (GPS)

Mathew Bianchi took routine traffic stops seriously and handed out tickets regardless of people’s connections within the Police Department. Swap any of 15500+ tokens across 20 blockchains, in one click. Let us know how the app works for you as we are also curious to hear from active users. Buy & sell Triffic (GPS) with fiat currencies (USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP etc) or another coin such as BTC or ETH. Ltd., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

The Business Model

There will be a total of 1 billion GPS tokens, 100 million of which will be offered for sale via the ICO. Users will be awarded GPS tokens for turning on the app during journeys. Redeemed GPS tokens can be exchanged for various products, or sold on exchanges.

The only way to get fuel is by watching a quick second video ad. The more you wait for miracle the more you get frustrated.Go get Coin App guys and make real coin . GPS tokens Triffic has connected to its sister app – GPS Pay – to generate the use of GPS tokens.


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