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For brokers running automated trading strategies, limits can help you tread the fine line that often exists in a volatile stock market. EToro automatically allows traders to withdraw their gains using the “Take Profit” feature. Other limit functionalities, like “Stop Limit,” also help high-risk traders minimize their losses. When trading time-sensitive assets with high volatility, trading software solutions allow users to set reminders to remain up-to-date. Price alerts can also notify them about movements in the market, creating opportunities for just-in-time stock and cryptocurrency trading. Richard has worked at a broad range of companies from small startups to large multinationals with often overlapping roles of software developer, quantitative analyst, and financial market professional.

Our ardent developers create pitch-perfect AI algorithms employing sophisticated mathematical models and machine learning techniques to analyze market data and identify trading patterns. Financial Software experts will help you with your trading platform development by using top tools to sell and buy stock and exchange assets via trading APIs. Get the most cost-effective stock trading application with advanced features. Expertise – our developers have successfully launched, maintained, and expanded complex trading solutions for our clients, complying with strict development requirements. Off-the-shelf solutions might suit your business if you work on a tight schedule and want to accelerate your time to market.

Security is our middle name

At Highen Fintech, we recognise the value of security and scalability in tailored trading solutions. Our main goal is to provide bespoke trading platforms that can adapt and evolve along with your company, taking into account rising user activity, expanding marketplaces, and changing trading techniques. You can confidently manage enormous volumes of trading transactions and guarantee seamless operations even during trading platform development company peak trading periods with the help of our scalable custom trading solutions. As an experienced trading software development company, we perfectly understand that the future belongs to mobile applications. That is why we create trading solutions that provide instant access to all investment functionality anytime, anywhere. Stock trading software solutions allow traders to trade stocks on a stock exchange.

Trading solutions use big data analysis to provide rigorous real-time insights about the stock performance in the portfolio. This simplifies trading analytics and helps traders with more actionable buy/sell decisions. Receive immediate notifications to spark informed decisions at the most crucial times. We help innovative and ambitious traders to stream, filter and analyze large amounts of up-to-date financial trading data in real-time. With the right team and tools, prepare to analyze patterns in the moment to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Explore The Digital World With Our Custom Stock Trading App Development

If you are considering developing a trading solution, many questions might arise in your mind, and we are ready to answer to few of them right now. We’ve already developed a bunch of trading systems, so we know all pitfalls and customers’ needs. An EDM system can also enhance data quality by automatically flagging confidential data or removing duplicate data entries, for example. And coupled with AI-powered data analytics, an EDM can derive specific insights necessary for well-informed decision-making at all management levels. What we recommend instead is implementing a separate EDM system that aggregates data from all available sources, including trading and risk systems. This system serves as the single source of truth for the whole organization, eliminating the risk of having multiple versions of the same data entry.

  • Let’s go through some of these features and explore how they affect how stock investors use your application.
  • It’s a very accurate and handy tool for certain markets, especially the stock market.
  • PowerX is a stock and options trading platform developed by us that helps its clients find the best stocks and options to trade.
  • Our AI trading software enables continuous trading and monitoring, regardless of time zones or human availability.
  • One more trading solution was delivered to a wealth management company with 20 years of experience and its proprietary active stock trading strategy.

Artezio is a custom software development company that provides IT services to companies of all sizes around the globe. Don’t hesitate and partner with our web development team, share your needs and challenges concerning trading systems development. We’re going to create an action plan and platform development process for your trading software platform that’ll help your business thrive.

How is developing stock trading software different with EPAM Startups & SMBs?

Experience lightning-fast trade execution, real-time market analysis, and seamless integration with our exclusive trading platforms. Trading is a fast-paced industry full of innovation and exponential growth. Trading companies face challenges daily since the competition dictates constant innovation and creativity.

trading platform development company

Our team can develop a trading platform that fits your company model and trading techniques, whether you’re a single trader, brokerage firm, or financial institution. Create a platform that makes use of the abundance of real-timein formation provided by Big Data to improve the aggregate precision and accuracy of choices regarding the entry and exit of trade positions. The Fireart team is able to develop trading software solutions that employ Big Data to find patterns, trends, and outcomes that result in more sophisticated decision-making and, consequently, more profits. Our team of trading software developers span many disciplines, languages, and platforms, including C/C++, C#, Java, Python, WPF, TypeScript/JavaScript/Angular/React, CSS/HTML, DevOps, Android, iOS, and more. Our versatility allows us to choose the right platform for your specific needs.

Can I hire Trading Software developers in less than 48 hours through Toptal?

In the past, brokers could only buy and sell stock options within their locale or country of origin. But with modern apps like eToro and FXPro, traders can purchase and monitor stocks worldwide. These trading solutions also allow traders to manage multiple accounts simultaneously using numerous trading apps. Your quest for an experienced stock market software & App development solutions company ends with us.

One particular set of regulations, the Basel Regulatory Framework, stands out in its impact on the trading systems’ computing needs. To adhere to the Framework, organizations must keep their trading and banking books separate and follow the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB). We apply a business-first approach to every project we work on by tailoring our methods and tech stack to your business needs. To ensure that your business meets all requirements in the fast-changing and extremely challenging world of FinTech. Analysis of the past trading data enables better predictive trading with lower risk. The assigned team was easy to work with and they are especially strong collaborators and communicators.

How much does it cost to build trading software?

We are experienced in developing execution and market making algorithms. Ensure your trading platform runs as intended after a recent change to the code with streamlined regression, performance and security testing. Leverage advanced trading data analytics to streamline the trading process for customers, power well-informed decision-making with AI instruments and understand user behavior.

trading platform development company

Trading software can help traders monitor their positions and assess risk in real
time, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Trading software can process large amounts of data and execute trades at high speeds,
which can be beneficial in fast-moving markets. From startups to large enterprises, we always keep an eye on data and application security, monitoring, accessing and increasing the security level of existing software. Before deployment, we thoroughly test the AI trading software to identify and rectify any bugs or issues. We also ensure that the software can handle high loads and volatile market conditions. Provide your clients with access to real-time info about trades, quotes, aggregates, reference data, and news so that they can stay on top.

Trading platform development services

These applications
typically provide features such as real-time quotes, charts and technical analysis
tools, news feeds, and the ability to place trades and manage accounts. Cryptocurrency trading can be highly volatile, and it is essential for traders to
thoroughly research and understand the risks involved before starting to trade. Trading application development may also offer tools and resources to help traders
make informed decisions, such as risk management and analysis tools. The process of successful trading requires a powerful solution that allows traders to analyze data, reduce risks, and react to rapidly changing market conjuncture promptly. Developing such a stock trading platform from scratch can be pretty hard, so leave it to the professionals – here’s a list of top trading software development companies.


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