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However, you can look at the whole matter from a different angle. By using intelligent betting strategies, you can try to reduce your losses, and this is exactly what the best-known roulette strategies deal with. And this is exactly why it is perfect to use a free roulette simulator. You can discover all the strategies, experiment with them at no risk, and then use them to play real money roulette at reputable online casinos.

  • Since the early days of the Internet, NetEnt has been one of the leading game providers for online casinos.
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  • The Martingale strategy is probably the best-known roulette strategy.
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  • Currently, 256-bit SSL encryption protects your data and information against hackers’ access the best.
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  • Affiliate marketing is an exciting new step for the company, and a wonderful opportunity to promote our brilliant collection of games.
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  • In some of the best online roulette casinos, the La Partage rule is also offered, which can increase the RTP value for simple chances up to 98.35%.
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  • Read through our online casino reviews, find a site that ticks your boxes and has the type of welcome bonus you want.
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American roulette grants the online casino a bigger edge because, in addition to the single zero, the wheel also features the double zero. Even though this variant is the most widespread, it only offers players an RTP of 94.34%, giving the casino a house edge of 5.26%. A look at the roulette wheel also shows that the arrangement of the numbers differs from those in European and French roulette. They appear to be more structured than in the variants mentioned before. Are you looking for the very best video slots that we have produced? We have gathered together all of the titles that we’re proudest of to let you sample the thrill of many world-class slots all in one place.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you’ll receive a small amount of bonus credits or free spins. Linking back to our previous question, all legit online casinos have been licenced by official regulators. One of the things an operator has to do before they receive a licence is prove their games are fair. When it comes to improving player lifetime value and casino performance, our games pack a serious punch! That’s because we are passionate about the product we create and we pride ourselves on making the best slots in the business.

D’Alembert roulette strategy is a system that is particularly beginner-friendly. Here you choose a bet that you either progress with or return with. If you lose, you increase the stake by a certain amount, and if you win, you decrease it by that amount. You follow this system until you get back to the single bet and win right away.

The superior graphics, sound and mathematics are cultivated in a way that only we know how, and from this magical mix, our partners benefit from greater casino results. The range of themes and memorable characters in the NetEnt games list ensures that everyone can find something that suits their personality and interest. We have everything from The Phantom’s Curse to TV’s Vikings and from Ozzy Osbourne to Robin Hood, and lots more! Find a theme that you like the look of and let your imagination run wild as you start spinning the reels. Affiliate marketing is an exciting new step for the company, and a wonderful opportunity to promote our brilliant collection of games. With recognizable homegrown heroes like Gonzo appearing alongside multi-national brands like Guns N’ Roses™, our portfolio is packed with top-performers.

Supposedly, the first roulette wheels had a different number of pockets and two trays for the zeroes. It was François Blanc who first removed a zero for his casino in Bad Homburg in the hope of attracting more players through a higher payout rate. This attempt was a real breakthrough for roulette, which subsequently began its triumphal march around the world.


Utilize the power of our top performing titles and the loyal player community they bring to your land-based business. Selected games can be integrated and adapted for a simple and successful launch. Our games deliver a 95-98% payout, which has a beneficial impact on player lifetime value. Check out more great games including Live Casino and Slots by award winning brands in the Evolution Group.

The aim is to provide support to people who are looking for the right place to play, including information for new players on basic aspect of slots and casino. We can help you drive revenue and boost profits with our portfolio of top-performing games and make them accessible anytime and anywhere. The industry wants great games, and we have a ready-made advantage. What’s more, our award-winning games are the perfect cross-selling solution.

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