12 Best Supplements for Alcohol Recovery

In a 2011 study, 20 participants recovering from AUD took a dietary supplement with D-phenylalanine, L-glutamine, and 5-HTP during detox. Results indicated reduced psychiatric symptoms and improved mental well-being and immune function. Supplements can help reduce alcohol cravings by addressing nutritional deficiencies, regulating neurotransmitters, and providing antioxidant support, among other mechanisms. Additionally, vitamin C deficiency can aggravate symptoms of alcoholic liver disease.

Taking supplements like vitamin C, NAC, and GABA may help replenish your nutrient stores, potentially reducing your cravings and easing your withdrawal symptoms. One 2019 study found that a significant portion of individuals with AUD admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) had vitamin C deficiency, with 42% being severely deficient. The research suggests that vitamin C supplementation, in addition to thiamine, should be considered for these individuals. Chronic alcohol intake can lead to diminished calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc levels. Some studies also show that chronic alcohol intake can affect the gut and lead to digestive problems. “If we give thiamine to a whole bunch of people who don’t really need it, there is no harm done,” Shiling said.

What vitamins do you need when you quit drinking?

Vitamins are essential for aiding the liver after alcohol misuse by helping with detoxification, regeneration, and metabolism. But anyone who thinks we can’t afford effective drug treatment doesn’t understand the costs of addiction. Although staying hydrated in recovery is important, you should ask your doctor how much water is safe for you to drink. Certain health problems like heart disease can impact how much water you can safely drink. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, these services may help. Folic acid is necessary for proper brain function and blood flow.

what vitamins are good for recovering alcoholics

Regularly consuming alcohol impairs your body’s ability to properly absorb vitamins thereby inducing a variety of substance abuse symptoms such as bone loss, dehydration and more. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) can lead to severe deficiency in several vitamins and minerals. At The Recovery Village Columbus, we care about helping you feel your best during recovery, ultimately succeeding in your recovery journey. Contact a Recovery Advocate today to learn how we can help you achieve lasting freedom from alcohol addiction.

A Complete Guide to Supplements and Vitamins for Recovering Alcoholics

The responses to comments on fitrecovery.com are designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. Quitting drinking is best done with support, along with a solid recovery plan. Take into account your unique situation and try to determine the factors that contributed to your drinking problem. Address these issues while being sure to repair your body from drinking.

  • Numerous studies have described that vitamin supplementation could reduce hepatotoxicity.
  • Whether you’ve suffered from withdrawals or you’re trying to help someone else, you’ll want to become familiar with the withdrawal vitamins listed below.
  • It began when he looked at gaps between the time CeDAR admits patients and the time physicians enter orders that initiate treatment.
  • I’m Elena Skroznikova, founder of the Sweet Science wellness program.
  • We will review a number of highly effective supplements for alcoholics that include many basic vitamins and go well beyond them.

Proper nutrition is essential in recovering from alcohol addiction. Adopting a balanced diet can assist the body in healing and recovering from the damage inflicted by long-term alcohol abuse. Although evidence is still limited, omega-3 fatty acids show promise as an excellent alcohol The Missing Piece: The Spiritual Malady recovery supplement. Many nutrient-rich foods can support recovery; however, specific foods typically depend on the individual’s preferences. A high intake of fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed or sugary foods is also important to getting the nutrients that your body needs.

How Whole Grains Assist in Detoxification

At first, it may think hunger pangs are a desire to drink alcohol. That’s why it’s important to eat three meals a day plus snacks as your body heals. If you don’t feel hungry, think about taking nutritional supplements. Vitamin C is another important vitamin for recovering alcoholics.

  • Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant.
  • Most people who drink too much get at least half of their calories from alcohol.
  • ADH’s main effect is preventing you from losing too much water and urinating too much.
  • If obesity develops, it increases the risk of many different diseases.

A diet of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats is important in alcohol recovery. This diet will give you the necessary vitamins and nutrients to build your body’s stores. Alcohol depletes and inhibits the absorption of vital nutrients, including vitamins.

Magnesium helps your body absorb other vitamins, eases muscle aches and tension, and aids in sleep. These antioxidants probably execute their effects through their https://trading-market.org/most-people-with-alcohol-and-drug-addiction/ ability to eliminate reactive oxygen species. However, there is still mixed evidence on the effect of dietary nutrients on the severity of chronic alcohol intake.


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