eutaw fire department

Out Of The Past......

The date of this announcement was March 6, 1952.

Hamilton - Abrams


Fire Department Loses Fire-Chief

It was a long hard fight on the part of the fire department trying to quench the flame that had started from just a spark in the heart of the Fire Chief, Hon. B. L. Abrams, but all seemed to have been in vain. The fire got out of control last Saturday morning about nine o'clock at the Abram's home when the Rev. G. W. Abrams tied the knot that choked the hose of the Fire Department.

The Department wishes to extend to Mrs. B. L. Abrams a hardy welcome as chief of the F. D. And wants her to know they are back of her on any proposal. Good luck to you Dorothy and B. L., we wish you the best of everything.

The Staff - Eutaw Fire Department