eutaw fire department

Out Of The Past......

The following was written by Claud Pippin about 1947. Jamie Smith lived in the bachelor's quarters of the City Hall to answer the fire calls that came in the night and these were his B.V.D's and it really did happen.



Laundry Done While You Run

It happened one day lately
On a Thursday afternoon
The siren on the water tower
Set up a mournful tune.

The town's folk rushed into the street
And all were bent on learning
Just what the noise was all about
And just whose house was burning.

Roll out the new fire engine
Rang the shout from lip to lip
The firemen dashed to ride the truck
Upon its maiden trip.

The engine dashed into the street
The taxpayers gave a yell
The driver "gunned" the motor
And the firemen clanged the bell.

But what's that streaming out behind?
And whipping in the breeze?
It can't be.....yes (you guessed it right
Long handled B.V.D's).

Although old Nero fiddled
While Rome was burning down
A man in Eutaw dries his wash
While chasing fires through town.

Our firemen are all volunteers
And fearless lads to boot
Their pay may not be union scale
But they wave a "Union" suit.